Наталия Ворошилова
Россия, Москва, пр. Черского, д. 15
e-mail: lynxassa@gmail.com
тел.: +7 (910) 473-78-92
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Born 9 November 1976 Place Moscow From early childhood she has travelled a lot about Russia including above the Arctic Circle. She has lived in the Far East of Russia and in the Baltic Republics. Petropavovsk-Kamchaatskiy with its geysers and volcanoes had a strong influence on the young artist. She studied in different schools and art schools. Her first art teacher was Alexei Kleydins, the head of Raduga (rainbow) Art School. She worked in different art media and techniques, such as graphics, water-colours, pastels, gauche, and others and took part in different city exhibitions. During her student years she took part in expeditions to the Don River and the far north and those trips had a strong influence on the young artist and in this period she took the decision to major in landscape painting. Her work is done on location filling her with creative energy and providing enormous personal satisfaction.

In 1999 she joined the international artistic foundation. In 2002 she was awarded a medal as a young participant of All Russian Exhibition Centre taking part in creating the Album of Russian Folk Tales. In May 2006 she became a member of Moscow Designers’ Union. In 2007 she was awarded a silver medal as a participant of the All Russian Exhibition Centre contest for picturesque paintings of Moscow. In 2016 she joined the Artists Union of Russia. She actively collaborates with the publishing house Nash Izograph. She exhibits her works in exhibitions in Moscow and other cities. At present she concentrates on cityscapes with human interactions.

She signs her works with her artistic name Natalia Voroshilova. Her paintings are in various Moscow and Moscow region Museums, such as the Kilominsky Kremlin, Toy Museum of Sergiyev Posad, Kenozyorskey National Park Museum, Moscow State Pedagogical University Museum and in many private and cooperative collections of Russia, Europe and Asia.

In 1993 she finished Moscow Pedagogical Gymnasium and entered the Art Faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University. For 5 years she studied oil painting and portrait genre, linocut, etching, silk painting, tapestry, and ceramics. She majored in jewellery in her diploma.

Main exhibitions
1997 View of Moscow, salons of Moscow, Arkhangelsk and Kargopol.
1999 Spring salon, 1999, 20, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
2001 And see Kargopol. Salon dedicated to 855 anniversary of Kargopol, Arkhangelsk and Kargopol
2002 Moscow through youngs eyes, Novy Manezh, Moscow
2008 Art salons, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2009 Christmas gift sales, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2007 solo exhibition in Moscow City Duma.


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  1. Наталья! У Вас потрясающие работы! Я живу в Красноярске, работаю редактром в газете для рукодельниц «Пуговка». Мы сейчас только делаем свой сайт. Ваш блог очень интересный и живой. Желаю удачи!!!!! Янина

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